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Let all seasonal delicatessen reaching you.... also go to the small festivals (SAGRA) around the town .

It's the right time for Ribollita, Beef-steak, pappa al pomodoro soup, bruschetta and of course a bottle of Chianti wine .

Cakes : gelato what else?

Let yourself be tempted by all the seasonal products, take part in the festivals that are held around the city.It's time for ribollita, pappa al pomodoro Florentine steak, bruschetta and fruit at will and a good red wine, Chianti possiblyTypical sweets: ice cream naturally, organic if possible and tiramisuthe artisans' shops  The artisans are the heart of the Central Market project, because no one knows their product better than them and can tell it with passion and enthusiasm.  Bread and pastries, fresh fish, fried, vegetarian and vegan, meat and cold cuts, buffalo mozzarella, cheeses, chocolate and ice cream, fresh pasta, wine bar, lampredotto, truffle: all the shops are run by artisan traders with common love for their profession.Enjoy your meal



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